Engine Repair in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville and Georgetown

We’ve all been there, whether when starting the car or when driving down the beautiful streets of Austin, and that dreaded check engine light comes on. Don’t panic, as the check engine light could indicate a wide range of issues of which could be as harmless as a loose gas cap or faulty sensor. At the same time, it could be signaling a major mechanical issue with your engine or a related system requiring engine repair. No matter the problem, our certified expert auto repair specialists and service experts are available to get your car back as good as new with the friendly service that you deserve.

Engine Repair and Service

Our certified expert auto repair specialists and service experts have both the equipment and the experience to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s engine – we will not simply perform the bare bones basics that get your check engine light to turn off. We will pamper both you and your vehicle, making sure that the root cause of the issue is dealt with as well as identify any areas that may cause issues in the future, all while being upfront and informative.

Engine Maintenance

With regular engine maintenance, it is less likely that you will see the check engine light for the life of your vehicle, especially when you least expect it. There are several parts inside a car engine and not all of them will let you know that something is wrong until it is too late. Our friendly certified car repair experts know what it takes to keep your car’s engine in good running condition and will discuss any potential issues that they discover with you.

Pampering you and your vehicle is our namesake at Pampered Auto Care and some of the ways in which we do that are by offering a free shuttle service to your home, work, or nearby shopping, a free loaner vehicle program, and a comfortable waiting room with free sodas, coffee, and PlayStation for children (at the parent’s discretion). Don’t panic when you see that check engine light, give us a call and we will pamper you and your vehicle while getting you back on the road!