You are a busy person, and you can’t always wait around for your car to be repaired. Our loaner car program is designed for people who need a vehicle while theirs is in our shop being repaired. All of our loaner cars are in excellent shape with automatic transmissions and air conditioning. We’ll make sure you get where you need to go while we pamper your car.

Auto repair loaner car program by Pampered Auto Care.

loaner car program loaner car program loaner car program

Frequently asked questions in regards to the loaner car program:

Do I have to pay anything if I use a loaner car?
No.  All we ask is that you replace the gas that you use.

Are there any restrictions?
We ask that there be no pets or smoking inside the vehicle. This helps us make sure every driver has an excellent experience.

What do I need to be able to use the loaner vehicle?
We just need your driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Will I have to sign anything?
Yes.  You will initial the no pets and no smoking statement; you will have to sign on who will be driving the vehicle; and you will acknowledge that you are responsible for the vehicle.

What if I have insurance that would pay for the vehicle?
We will charge the insurance company what we can.  For example if you have a policy that covers $20.00 a day, we will charge them for that amount but you will not have to pay any extra.  The bottom line is that you will not be charge for anything other than your gas.

What happens if I have an accident while I have the loaner car?
Having a loaner vehicle in your possession is basically a substitute for your vehicle thus your insurance carries you while driving the loaner. With most insurance companies, your coverage kicks in first, and then our insurance takes over.

What types of vehicles do you have?
We offer 2010 Toyota Corollas with automatic transmissions and cold air conditioning.

No More Feeling Stranded

If you’re avoiding an important repair because you can’t do without your car, Pampered Auto Care will take care of you. With our free loaner car program, you’ll get the service you need while you keep taking care of business. Make your appointment today!