12 years of experience in Germany as a Mercedes Benz factory trained and certified Master Mechanic, Edin Huskic came to Austin and joined the local dealership to ply his services. Edin noticed that the dealership style of doing business meant that the customer stayed in the waiting room while he stayed in the garage and only a service manager could ever connect the two.

Frustrated at the lack of customer interaction, Edin struck out on his own in 1999 and created his own repair facility with a vision of a business based on two principals 1. Pamper the Customer and 2. Pamper the Automobile and thus began Pampered Auto Care. Our 3,000 square foot facility in Austin is equipped with every OEM tool and diagnostic system to accurately assess and correct all automobile conditions. Several European factory certified mechanics followed Edin in his vision and the staff is qualified to provide you, the customer, a new level in care at a very competitive price.

Our labor rates are significantly lower than dealership prices because we do not have to carry the branding overhead costs. However, we also purchase a large enough quantity of parts that we receive volume discounts from distributors for our OEM and after market supplies. All of these factors combine to make the best situation for customers who own high-end automobiles – A repair facility that can offer dealer level expertise at a substantially lower cost.

We are so confident that you will return to Pampered Auto Care to repeat business that we are offering for all first time customers a 20% discount off of Labor on your first visit repair, a savings up to $100!