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Testimonials from our Customers

We rely on word-of-mouth networking from our customers to pass the word about our great services. Here are a few of the kind words we've received:

I had no idea how much money I was pouring until I came to ‘Pampered Auto Care’

“I had no idea how much money I was pouring into maintenance services at my dealership for my Mercedes Benz ‘A’ and ‘B’ Services until I came to ‘Pampered Auto Care’. Thank you Edin and Mark! ”

– Brian Mahoney

BMW running great at a fraction of the cost

“I just moved here from Norfolk after getting out of the Navy and it seems the BMW dealerships must be the same everywhere – you simply can’t talk to your mechanic directly. Both here and Norfolk, the Service Manager keeps me penned in the waiting room describing the problem and never showing me the problem, pretty insulting considering how much money they wanted me to burn. Decided to look elsewhere and found ‘Pampered Auto Care’ , a class act repair facility where not only can I see my car being worked on from the waiting room, but my mechanic, Edin – yeah I get to know the name of my mechanic, will take me out to my 318 and show me what he found. What is really amazing is that of all the things he finds, he only recommends services that are necessary. I have no problem recommending these guys to anyone who wants to have their BMW running great at a fraction of the cost.”

– Paul Danforth

I’m glad they offer coupons from time to time

“As a single mom, I feel very comfortable coming to ‘Pampered Auto Care’ to get my oil change done. I use coupons for everything and I’m glad they offer coupons from time to time.”

– Veralyn DeFreitas

Extremely courteous and very fast

“I just don’t have the time anymore to do my own oil changes and asked my wife to find any mechanic nearby that is not a national chain (we are a big “keep business local” family) . Virna went shopping at La Frontera and found this garage along the way ‘Pampered Auto Care’. They were extremely courteous and very fast. She was in and out in just a few minutes and went back to shopping. She came home to tell me that I was out of a job and that she didn’t want me to do my own oil changes anymore. She said “I’m sorry Paul, the car always smells like oil when you do it”. Apparently, she was impressed that they use seat protectors or something like that. I acted like I was disappointed, but I am very relieved to be out of the oil change business at my house.”

– Paul Jameson

Help me way after closing

“Three weeks before our summer family vacation, my car just dies while driving to work, lights go dim and lights light up on the dash. I call and have it towed in to ‘Pampered Auto Care’ near Round Rock in No. Austin. Edin determines that it needs an alternator and offers to install a good aftermarket part or I can go with the factory original alternator. Because the difference is only about $40, I elect to go with the dealer part to feel secure that I have the most reliable part in anticipation of our upcoming vacation. Three weeks later, the car is running great and we are on our way to the Inn of the Mountain Gods resort in NM. It is about 9:15 at night, we are heading down a steep mountain road, pitch black and an 18 wheeler is right behind me. All of a sudden, my lights start going dim, the radio and DVD player go dead and I look down and see that my tach is on zero rpms! I couldn’t believe my car had died with a brand new alternator, it had to be something else! I am coasting at over 50mph and the 18 wheeler is right on my bumper, finally, he decides to go around me since there was nothing I could do. As we near the bottom of the mountain, I notice a billboard light in the distance. As luck would have it, it was a sign for the turn off on to our hotel. Fortunately, we were able to coast to a stop under the sign. I was amazed that my cell phone worked in the middle of the mountains and I called our hotel. Thirty minutes later, a tow truck arrived and by 10:30 we were tired and frustrated but at least checked into our hotel. I still had Edin’s cell number programmed into my phone and not knowing what else to do, I called him hoping he was still up. I explained my stranded situation and he, over my objections, drove from his home back to the shop and pulled extensive repair testing info on my car and faxed it to my hotel. I gave it to the other mechanic and after further testing, my OEM alternator had gone out. Edin went over the top in helping me way after closing.”

– Kenny Miller

His test equipment was all branded as Mercedes Benz

“I’m such an idiot. I really thought that only the Benz dealerships could purchase official Benz tools and diagnostic systems. I was so paranoid that I peered over Edin’s work to see if he was using Pep-Boy tools. Sure enough his test equipment was all branded as Mercedes Benz; impressive! I have a ’92 300E and an ’03 E320 running great. We plan on handing down our older Benz to our daughter next year for graduation thanks to ‘Pampered Auto Care’ for keeping it in great condition. ”

– Walter Smith